Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Survival Struggle And How To Succeed In The 21st Century : Negotiating The Mutual Respect River

SINCE TIME BEGAN : salus populi suprema est lex - the right of the people is the supreme law : IN TRUTH WE TRUST
Two decisions are included here : (A) to be the pessimist ; and, (B) to be the optimist. The medicine wheel is included as an indicator of options.

The direction to follow within this medicine wheel may be either clock-wise or counter clock-wise. And, either is correct : just as with life choices. There are no right or wrong answers or choices; merely, the decision.

The objective of this blog site is to coordinate the numerous agencies, organizations and aspirations of peoples who desire to live in a world of lower aggressive stimulus; to be without the generality of war; rather, to highlight the accumulation of knowledge and its application toward survival in this envelope of evolution.

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